Wednesday, February 28 , 2024

FR 11  Block 2

To be ready for tomorrow

We will be meeting in the library (don’t come to class first)

Make sure that

  • you are a few minutes early … we need to start conversations right away at 9:00
  • you have your project with you
  • you get a good night sleep so that your French brain is awake & happy!


FR 9  Block 3 

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you

  • have labeled (in French) the world map with the continents & also showed where Canada and the United States are located p 5
  • use the info on p 7-8 to colour the French-speaking countries of Africa on the map on p 12
    • label the map with Nord, Est, Sud, Ouest

***Keep studying the sounds, alphabet, weather phrases & greetings … learning check-ins still to come!


FR 10  Block 5

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you

  • completed the practice in class on p 42-43
  • watched the following Trotro video & filled in the blanks on p 44

***Learning Check-In with 50 More Essential Verbs will be on Friday. Study a little bit every day!




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