Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

FR 11  Bloc 2

Français 11 Team

The Language Gym


Take note of the following important deadlines: 

  • your interpretive assessment is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st
  • infographic & partner conversations are rescheduled for Thursday & Friday next week
    • You need your infographic in class on Wednesday, March 1st
    • Your infographic must be 11×17. The only place that I know that prints 11×17 is Staples. I will print infographics for those who are ready by Tuesday at 3:30 pm. You can submit to me on Teams. 
    • If you are working on paper, your infographic must be handed in to me on Wednesday morning.

Take another look at the cultural iceberg at the beginning of your unit & consider the following as you prepare

    • What connections have you made between your daily life and culture? What details can you share about your culture that are part of your daily life?
    • What experiences have influenced the person you are today?
    • What words will you use to describe yourself to others? What examples can you give to support your word choices?
    • Who has had an impact on you? In what ways?
    • What stories do you feel comfortable sharing about yourself, your family and your experiences and interests? Why are those stories important to you? 
    • What images will you include to share to help tell your personal story?
    • What questions can you ask others to help them to share their stories with you?

***When an infographic is well done, the visuals provide extra details and enhance the overall message shared


  • You should not be using a translator to write your infographic!
    • This will result in a lower grade because it shows that you are not able to communicate at the level that is expected. 
  • You should check your spelling, verb structures and use of vocabulary
  • If you have to look up any vocabulary words (NOT full sentences with structures you have never learned!), you MUST include them in the glossary on your infographic & be prepared to explain them (in French) to partners


FR 10  Bloc 3

Français 10 Team

The Language Gym


  • Review new words from the Ben Amar reading on p 12-13
  • Make sure that you completed the questions on p 10, 11 & 13
  • Complete the reflexive verb practice in your online Language Gym class 


FR 12  Bloc 5

Français 12 Team

The Language Gym


Make sure that you

  • completed the questions using ‘si’ on p 45
  • read the two short articles on p 46-47
    • took note of new vocabulary
    • wrote 5-8 questions to ask a partner about Amina & Oumar
  • completed the verb trainer practice for the subjunctive in your online Language Gym class

Looking for extra practice???

  • Read the article about François Civil on p 48-49
  • Listen to ‘Le monde quand je serai adulte’ from Okapi
  • Watch this short video clip about a young man who left Cameroon and find out what he ended up doing/how his life changed