Wednesday, May 15, 2024

FR 11  Block 2

For class today

Please use the following power point to answer the questions on p 3 of your unit Francophone-Africa-2


FR 9  Block 3 

To be ready for tomorrow

Interpretive listening assessment for the first 4 Napoléon stories is tomorrow

  • Scroll back through the blog to reread the stories and listen to them read aloud
  • Review vocabulary from the stories  & your other units


FR 10  Block 5

For class today

Use the following link to answer the questions on p 67

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you 

  • completed the partner practice & graphic organizer on p 68
  • review the phrases for use in a restaurant on p 69 & the new vocab on p 70
  • finished the practice with restaurant vocabulary and phrases on p 71


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