Friday, December 14th, 2018

French 9

  • Prepare for ‘re-do’ of family vocabulary (if needed)  |  Block 4 students, please email if you are coming during block 1 (8:30) on Monday to redo the learning check-in.
  • Both blocks:  Complete the reading and questions on housing on pages 27 & 28
  • Keep practising the vocabulary for les parties du corps:  learning check in on Wednesday

French 11

  • Review the structures for ‘conditional’ and ‘subjunctive’ (See your package). You will need to use these in your conversations next week 🙂
  • Continue your research on your travel destination. Your planned trip is for 5 days. You need to look at travel arrangements, lodging, ways to get around once you arrive, things to do & places to visit, food, cultural info, etc.
  • Remember to keep a list of activities or things you would, could or should have done if…..
  • Our last day for research will be Monday. Screen shots of attractions, landscape, etc will help to make our conversations more interesting!
  • Conversations are scheduled for Wed, Thurs, Fri as needed.

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