Friday, March 8th, 2019

French 10

  • Continue to review the past tense structure
  • Finish the practice that you were working on with partners in class –  all of pages 26 & 27
  • Read the postcard on p 27 and then write your own postcard to share with a partner on Monday


French 11

  • Finish reading the required number of pages (as decided by your group)
  • Review the new vocabulary from your novel (Can you use the new words in your own sentences or questions?)
  • Write three questions to ask group members about the text on Monday
  • Remember that Monday is the last day to read and discuss your book during class
  • Next week you will be working on writing answers to questions and talking about your book with others


French 12

  • Make sure you have a good list of 10-15 questions to ask partners in conversation on Monday (related to film in general)
  • Pay attention to word choice, tense and question format in your questions & challenge yourself to use some of the vocabulary and structures we have seen recently
  • Work through answering your own questions (in writing) to help you prepare for conversations
  • Do a quick search about the history of the Acadians in Canada & make a point form list of 5 things you found out