Monday, Feb 27, 2023

FR 11  Bloc 2

Français 11 Team

The Language Gym


Take note of the following important deadlines: 

  • your interpretive assessment is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st
  • infographic & partner conversations are rescheduled for Thursday & Friday next week
    • You need your infographic in class on Wednesday, March 1st
    • Your infographic must be 11×17. The only place that I know that prints 11×17 is Staples. I will print infographics for those who are ready by tomorrow at 3:30 pm. You can submit to me on Teams. 
    • If you are working on paper, your infographic must be handed in to me on Wednesday morning.

Take another look at the cultural iceberg at the beginning of your unit & consider the following as you prepare

    • What connections have you made between your daily life and culture? What details can you share about your culture that are part of your daily life?
    • What experiences have influenced the person you are today?
    • What words will you use to describe yourself to others? What examples can you give to support your word choices?
    • Who has had an impact on you? In what ways?
    • What stories do you feel comfortable sharing about yourself, your family and your experiences and interests? Why are those stories important to you? 
    • What images will you include to share to help tell your personal story?
    • What questions can you ask others to help them to share their stories with you?

***When an infographic is well done, the visuals provide extra details and enhance the overall message shared


  • You should not be using a translator to write your infographic!
    • This will result in a lower grade because it shows that you are not able to communicate at the level that is expected. 
  • You should check your spelling, verb structures and use of vocabulary
  • If you have to look up any vocabulary words (NOT full sentences with structures you have never learned!), you MUST include them in the glossary on your infographic & be prepared to explain them (in French) to partners


FR 10  Bloc 3

Français 10 Team

The Language Gym


  • Review new words from today’s reading on p 14
  • Make sure that you answered the questions on p 15 in full sentences 


FR 12  Bloc 5

Français 12 Team

The Language Gym


Tomorrow is your end of unit conversation assessment 🙂

Make sure that you are prepared to talk about the future with partners. You will discuss your interests, plans, and hopes/wishes. Think about what you will do next September when you are no longer here at Pinetree. What about 5 years from now? 10?

It’s a good idea to brainstorm a few questions that go beyond the basics. Be strategic. How can you include some of the more complex structures in your conversation? 

What about some of the ‘extras’ you’ve been exposed to this semester? Think about how you can use new words, expressions or even pronunciation to make your conversation sound more natural and age-appropriate. 

Remember that, at this level, you are expected to

  • personalize the conversation with deeper follow up questions and comments
  • include more detail when describing or explaining
  • use well-connected sentences










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