Friday, March 15th, 2019

Youpi! Hourra! Nous sommes en vacances 🙂

J’espère que vous allez tous profiter du temps hors de la routine scolaire pour s’amuser avec la famille et les amis.

The Festival du Bois will be happening here in Coquitlam at Mackin Park during the weekend of March 22-24.

Check out the following link and make a plan to go with some friends from French class! Or, take your family to this annual event.

Activities & Attractions

French 10

  • Finish reading the novel Le voyage
  • Complete all of the chapter questions
  • Keep a list of new vocabulary & study it so that you can use the new vocabulary when you talk about the book in class
  • Think about how you would retell the basics of the story in past tense

French 11

What can you do to improve your French-language skills?

Hmmm … how about:

  • looking for interesting French-speaking people, organizations or news outlets to follow on Instagram and Twitter
  • changing your phone settings to French and texting your French class friends en français 🙂
  • switching your Netflix account to French and looking for films and tv shows ( * if you have an iTunes account, there are a lot of options in Quebecois films)
  • finding French music that you like to listen to
  • going to the library and taking out French books

REMINDER:  Some of you need to re-work your answers to your novel questions over the break. The answers are due on April 1st!

French 12

* I added two pages to the French 12 Resources page. You will find different ways to discuss your opinions and to make connections. This vocabulary is useful both in conversation and for written work.

  • Complete second copy of the letter to your future self…  Check your vocabulary and structures, please! Submit the first & second copies together on April 1st.
  • Explore an aspect of French culture that we have not yet discussed as a class & be ready to present it on Tuesday, April 2nd. Think about people and/or places who were historically significant or who are currently doing interesting things. Remember that you are not completing a ‘research project’. You are exploring something that personally interests you, making connections to French culture, and then sharing it either with partners or in small groups. You must bring a visual, an object, a song, etc, to share. Yes, think ‘show & tell’ in French class! Reminder:  If you are searching the internet, you will have better results and be better prepared for conversations if you search in French 🙂
  • To practise your basic skills or to help you prepare for the DELF exam in April, check out the following links:​






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