Thursday, June 6th, 2019

French 10

  • Do the practice work on pages 22-23 using du, de, de la and des
  • Write 5 sentences comparing what you eat for breakfast with your partner’s breakfast habits on page 7
    • If you were away today and don’t have a partner, ask someone in your family to be your partner
  • Watch the following video in French and answer the questions on page 7-8 in English

French 11

  • Be ready to continue conversations tomorrow!
  • As discussed in class, you may want to
    • think of some more interesting questions to ask using specific travel vocabulary
    • think about ways to incorporate different tenses into your conversations
    • make a list of things you can tell your partner about your travel destination if there are not a lot of tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, etc.
      • Is it safe? Why or why not?
      • Are the laws different? How?
      • What are the customs & traditions?
      • How do people live?
      • What does the landscape and/or architecture look like?
      • Why is French the/or one of the official languages?
      • If it is place you would not normally choose to travel to, what are the reasons why others might travel there? What might others want to see or do?


French 12

  • Finish reading the book & think about the ending
  • What do you think it means? What happens to the little prince at the end? What questions do you have?
  • Be ready to discuss your thoughts on the book in partner conversations tomorrow.
    • Think about the best questions to ask your partners & ways to react to and sustain the conversation

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