Monday, June 17th, 2019

French 10

  • Don’t forget to bring a snack to share during long block on Thursday for LE CAFÉ FRANÇAIS 🙂
  • Be prepared to speak in French with your classmates about what you brought, the ingredients, what it tastes like, why you like it, etc.
  • You are also expected to ask questions about the foods you are trying
  • Your ability to participate in the conversation is your final evaluation for the term!


French 11

  • Please send me the link to your group film by 9 pm Tuesday night so that I have time to save them before class
  • Remember that your completed self-evaluation is due at the beginning of class & is part of your final evaluation for the course


French 12

  • Please arrive to our last class together ON TIME
  • The following people will present Le Petit Prince projects at the beginning of long block on Wednesday
    • Michael
    • Mazen, Perla, Amy
    • William & Jack
  • Our last class together is part of your final evaluation for the course. You are expected to attend and to participate in discussions about the final presentations and the film version of the novel.
  • The following students need to return their novels
    • Sam
    • Amy
    • Hannah
    • Maria
    • Grace
    • Erica G
    • William
    • Ashley
    • Erica L
    • Hanie
    • River
    • Aaron
    • Perla
    • Lucia
    • Michael


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