Wednesday, January 18, 2022

FR 10  Bloc 3

French 10 Team

The Language Gym

In class today

  • End of semester interpretive assessment
  • Pronunciation practice of new vocabulary (household chores) on p 89
  • Oral partner practice with new vocab – Guess Who? on p 91
  • Oral partner practice using full sentences & frequency words (souvent, jamais, rarement, tous les jours, etc) – Part B on p 96-97

***Extra time for partner/independent review to prepare for final on Friday

***Last chance to fill out & hand in self-assessment of ‘French Use in Class’ 


FR 11  Bloc 5

French 11 Team

The Language Gym

In class today

  • learning check ins for Chapters 9. 10, 11
  • read Héros ou Assassin? p 43 in unit and answer ‘Qu’en penses-tu?’ questions orally
  • read the powerpoint about the Acadians in Louisiana with your partner 
  • read the last two chapters & work through the comprehension questions

***End of semester final interpretive & written assessments are scheduled for Friday






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