Thursday, June 9, 2022

FR 10  Bloc 3

Français 10 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

  • continued working to develop vocabulary to describe their homes on p 81-82
  • watched the following video & completed the activity on p 73


For tomorrow

  • Make a schedule to plan your study/time management!
  • Make sure that class work is complete
  • Review new vocabulary and/or re-watch videos to practise your listening skills

***Three new ‘describing my house’ tasks have been added the Language Gym to help you acquire the vocab & use it in sentences.

FR 11  Bloc 4

Français 11 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

  • orally summarized Chapter 3 of the novel
  • continued to read Chapters 4, 5 & 6 with partners & to work through the conversation practice on p 14 & 20

For class tomorrow

  • make sure you have finished reading & completed the question work for all 3 chapters

***I have re-opened the Language Gym task to work on le futur simple & added one for le subjonctif. There are two tasks still open to practise le conditionnel.


FR 12  Bloc 5

Français 12 Team

The Language Gym

In class today, students

  • discussed Chapter 21 of the novel
  • continued reading & working through comprehension activities for Chapters 22, 23 & 24

For class tomorrow

  • be ready to discuss the 3 chapters