Tuesday, June 14, 2022

FR 10  Bloc 3

Français 10 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

  • reviewed work with vocab for position & placement
  • participated in partner conversations using p 96-97
  • prepared for Thursday’s end of semester BIG conversation 🙂

For Thursday, remember:

that partner conversations should cover a variety of the themes we’ve discussed in class & show that you can participate in spontaneous conversation. No text will be allowed. Save screenshots of images only on your phone. 

    • use a variety of vocabulary, structures & expressions/reactions
    • challenge yourself to describe & explain 
    • include details
    • remember to ask relevant follow up questions
    • themes: daily life, family & friends, free time activities, preferences, school, food, where you live

***Three new ‘describing my house’ tasks have been added the Language Gym to help you acquire the vocab & use it in sentences.


FR 11  Bloc 4

Français 11 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

For class tomorrow

  • It’s your end of semester creative writing assessment! 
    • make sure you have finished reading the novel
    • bring a few sheets of paper & your novel


FR 12  Bloc 5

Français 12 Team

The Language Gym

In class today, students

  • discussed Chapter 26 & finished reading the novel

Thursday long block

  • end of semester interpretive listening & reading assessments