Thursday, February 29 , 2024

FR 11  Block 2

To be ready for tomorrow

  • Conversations will continue in the library
  • Please arrive early, if possible, as you may need to help set up tables and chairs again
  • Make sure you have your completed project with you to hand in at the end of the block

***Think about how your conversations went today. What could you do to speak in more depth tomorrow? What different questions could you ask to engage your partners?


FR 9  Block 3 

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you are comfortable writing a sentence to communicate that you live 

  • in _______ (city)
  • in _______ (province)
  • in _______ (country

***Keep studying the sounds, alphabet, weather phrases & greetings … learning check-ins still to come!


FR 10  Block 5

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that

  • you finish the corrections for your mid-unit write & have it with you to return in class tomorrow
  • you are ready for the 50 More Essential Verbs learning check-in tomorrow 




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