Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

French 10

  • Review the vocabulary for fruits and vegetables on pages 43-46.
  • Go to page 6 of your unit package. Complete Part A as you listen to the following:


French 11

  • Keep reviewing your travel vocabulary!
  • Continue planning your trip so that you are ready to share your plans & what you have learned about your country in partner conversations on Thursday and Friday. Remember to save screen shots or print photos as this will make your conversations much more interesting.
  • See yesterday’s post for a list of things to consider when planning
  • Write an itinerary/plan in English so that you don’t have to memorize your plans
  • You may have a short list of French vocabulary (for essential new words), but don’t make it too long! You will spend too much time looking for words rather than using strategies!


French 12

  • Read up to the end of Chapter 25 and be prepared to participate in the conversation tomorrow
  • Remember that your oral contributions count toward the evaluation of your interpersonal skills for this unit

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