Friday, November 22nd, 2019

French 9

  • Here’s the song from class today.
    • What else can you understand?
    • Keep practising to sing it 🙂
  • By the end of next week, we will finish reading the Napoléon books!
  • Continue to work with the vocabulary and structures from the series:
    • Try incorporating new words or phrases into your own sentences
    • Make a quizlet or cue cards to practice new vocabulary
    • Re-read the stories starting from the beginning
    • Practice retelling the stories in French to your friends from class or teach them to family members
  • Bonne fin de semaine tout le monde 🙂


French 10

  • Review the learning objectives & new vocabulary for la maison idéale unit  p. 1-4
  • Listen to the song

  • Fill in the blanks on p.6-7
  • Bonne fin de semaine les amis 🙂