Wednesday, January 27, 2021

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bon mercredi les amis!

This morning you are working to prepare for an in-class oral presentation.

At the beginning of your next class, you will be asked to share information about yourself, your family & your friends. Think about the vocabulary and structures you have been working on throughout the course and in this last unit. You may want to include:

  • your name, age, birthday
  • with whom/where you live
  • who is in your family
  • how you & your family are     (describe)
  • how you all get along & what you do    (explain)
  • what you like to eat & why    (describe & explain)
  • who your friends are & what you do with them  

                               ….. and anything else that you have learned that fits with the topic!

  1. You may have your text with you, but you should do your best to practise it so that you are confident saying what you want to say with some expression and eye contact (Not staring at your paper!)
  2. You will not be handing in your text. The assessment will be based on what you say & how you say it.
  3. You should be prepared to answer a couple of questions at the end of your presentation.


French 10

Français 10 Team

You will have an hour and a half (approx) of preparation/practice time before you present tomorrow.

  • You may choose to include props or other things that you need to make your skit easier to follow & understand (or more fun) BUT it is not necessary 
  • You may include some narration to “set the scene” of your skit
  • You may have notes in English so that you remember what/when you are supposed to say your lines

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