Thursday, April 29, 2021

French 12

French 12 Team

The Language Gym

To be prepared for class on Monday, please finish your class work

  • Listen to Alice Ayel tell the story of “Le lion et la sours” 
  • Answer the questions on p 9
  • Listen to Alice Ayel talk about Jean de la Fontaine & his life
  • Take notes on p 10

Then, for homework …

  1. Re-tell (en français, bien sûr) a favourite fable that you remember reading or being told as a child
    • Divide a sheet of paper into 6 squares and sketch out part of the story in each box. 
    • Write a couple of sentences in each square to re-tell the story
    • You will share your stories with partners on Monday
    • OR … create a fable of your own using the style of Jean de la Fontaine as a guide!
      • Follow the rest of the guidelines above
      • Try to personalize your fable by thinking of lessons that you have learned so far in life

               ***Pay close attention to your use of the past tense

               ***Level up! … Incorporate some structures/phrases from Le Petit Nicolas story