Tuesday, February 27 , 2024

FR 11  Block 2

To be ready for this week

Tomorrow is the last day to work on your project & prepare for conversations. 

***End of unit conversations are scheduled for Thursday & Friday next week in the library


FR 9  Block 3 

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you

  • completed the listening practice in class yesterday on p 57-59
  • completed today’s practice in class on p 60 & took the time to understand the concepts on p 59

***Keep studying the sounds, alphabet, weather phrases & greetings … learning check-ins still to come!


FR 10  Block 5

To be ready for tomorrow

Make sure that you

  • finished reading Chapter 2 of “Jean-Paul et ses amis” 
  • wrote at least one question per page to ask a partner in class tomorrow

***Learning Check-In with 50 More Essential Verbs will be on Friday. Study a little bit every day!




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