Friday, September 13th, 2019

French 9

Bon weekend à tous 🙂

Use some time this weekend to continue to review and practise all of the things we have used and looked at this week.

  • alphabet and sounds
  • numbers 1 – 20 and counting by 10s to 100
  • days of the week, months and seasons:  Do you know how to ask and give the date?
  • key words related to timeframes (p13 in your unit package)
  • introducing yourself or a friend
  • understanding practised questions:  How old are you? How old is s/he? What is your name? What is her/his name?



French 10

Bonne fin de semaine 🙂

  • Please take time to review the new vocabulary and structures on the first page of your unit package – Une journée typique
  • Write 5 interesting follow up questions that you could ask a partner who is using the phrases we practised on page 1
    • For example, if your partner says, “Je prends le petit déjeuner à 7hoo.”  You could ask why they eat so early, what they eat, where they eat, if they prepare breakfast themselves, etc….