Friday, October 11th, 2019

French 9

  • Review the vocabulary and language structures that you need in order to have a quick conversation with me next week. I will have a few conversations each day throughout the week.
  • You will share
    • your name
    • age
    • where you live & your phone number
    • what you like
    • what classes you have
    • where you go (in the school) and what you do


French 10

  • Remember that you will share info about your daily routines with me in a private conversation next week….keep practising your vocabulary if you don’t feel confident with it yet!
  • Do some research on the city of Nice in France
    • Make note of at least 5 interesting facts or pieces of information that you learn & be prepared to share them orally (en français, bien sûr!) with partners on Tuesday
    • Save screen shots of the city/region on your phone (if you have one) to help make your conversations more engaging 🙂





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