Tuesday, March 3, 2020

French 9

  • Complete the practice sentences on page 39 of your unit to talk about what you do on a regular day (2 things you do in the morning, 2 things you do in the afternoon, 2 things you do in the evening)
  • Please use the the structures from the examples and other actions or words we have been practising in this unit
  • REMINDER:  Presentational learning check in with ‘er’ verbs will be on Friday!
  • End of unit assessments will begin next week 🙂


French 11

Practice using the futur simple by completing Activities 1 & 4 on p. 29 of your unit booklet.

Listen to the song, “Nation” by Thibault Godillat.  Complete the interpretive activities on p. 14 & 15 of your unit booklet.


French 12

Read the article, “Les selfies, nouvel art de l’autoportrait” on p. 16 of your unit booklet.  Be ready tomorrow to talk about whether selfies in cultural places are faux pas (i.e. in poor taste) or a new form of cultural appreciation.