Monday, June 1, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team



  • This week you will complete Leçon 2 of the ‘Moi, Ma Famille, Mes Amis’ unit.
  • The goal is to develop your ability to talk about & describe people
  • There is a lot of new vocabulary included in this week’s lesson. Focus on learning the necessary new words needed to talk about those closest to you, then spend any extra time building the vocabulary to describe others. Consider the best way for you to memorize new words:  Quizlet, paper cue cards, a sheet of paper divided in half with French words on one side and English/or image on the other, oral drills with a family member or friend from class. Practise reading, saying aloud & writing the new words.
  • Download this handout, follow the instructions and submit it to Teams by Thursday, June 4th Leçon 2 Handout


French 11

Français 11 Block 3 Team

Français 11 Block 4 Team



  • Read the following article about juggling school, work and sleep Entre l’école, le travail et le sommeil  & make note of new vocabulary needed to interpret & discuss
  • Read these two short texts on recognizing emotions & managing stress la santé mentale
  • Watch this television ad for Coke. What idea are they trying to sell? Is it true?
  • On the Questions Pour Madame channel, by Wednesday evening, share what you think is your most important ‘take away’ from the readings (en français, bien sûr!).
    • Think of this as a class discussion on a very important topic. I expect to see a post from each person – as well as a reaction or reply to a classmate.


French 12

Français 12 Team



  • Answers for the Deforestation part of the unit have been attached in your assignments on Teams. Please check your answers.
  • Check your chosen conversation slot for this Wednesday & show up on time 🙂
  • Prepare for the conversation by thinking about 5-7 questions or ideas that you would like to discuss related to the environment readings and videos. You may include some  information that you have learned in other classes – as long as you have the vocabulary and language to do so.
    • Be careful not to prepare a script. As always, reading off a piece of paper will result in a ‘minimally meeting’ score.
    • Remember that the goal is to engage in conversation with your partners – so think about questions or specific topics that will generate the most interest & reaction
    • Focus on using vocabulary & structures that you have been exposed to throughout the unit (and in previous learning) rather than looking up other words
    • As always, do what you can to support your partners by putting on your video camera, using facial gestures, expressions, and ‘talk arounds’ for unknown words & asking clarifying or follow up questions
  • Your self-assessment rubric with criteria is attached on Teams. It includes suggestions for language structures that you should try to include.