Monday, September 14th, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bonjour & Bienvenue à l’école Pinetree,

les amis de Français 9 🙂


C’est la rentrée! Youpi!         It’s back-to-school time! Yay!


This week I’ll be asking you to …

  • be brave!
  • step out of your comfort zone!
  • learn new words & phrases!
  • start speaking in French!

Always remember that learning a new language takes time, patience and willingness to make some mistakes. 

If you need a reminder, watch this funny video 🙂

Please do the following:

  1. Share your outline with your parents/guardians      
  2. Ask your parents/guardians to review and sign the form for permission to use technology
  3. Please return your signed form to me on your next in-school day
  4. Save the Computer Learning Stations booklet to your computer so that you can easily work through the activities by clicking on the links. On the paper copy you have been given, check off the activities as you complete them and write your answers when required.  Computer Learning Stations
  5. Complete the activities for Les Salutations, L’alphabet and Les Numéros 1-10 before your next class.



French 11

Français 11 Team

Salut les amis de Français 11!

Je suis bien contente de vous voir en salle de classe 🙂

This week I’ll be asking you to …

  • familiarize yourself with changes to our classroom routines, assessment & expectations for learning
  • review previous learning & packages on your own time
  • set goals for success with the unit objectives
  • take risks to speak French all the time in class

Watch the above video for inspiration to add more detail, connecting words and new vocabulary to your story telling & sharing!

For tomorrow…

  • Review vocabulary & structures practised in class today  p. 4-5, 10-11
  • Experiment with Choose French to English. One sentence at a time, type in the past tense sentences you wrote using the vocabulary and action words we practised in conversation. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR WORK … but note any inconsistencies or differences between what you meant and what the translation says. We will share these with partners tomorrow.
  • On p12 of your unit package, write 6 sentences using some of the reciprocal action words from p11. As an additional challenge, use connecting words to turn your 6 sentences into a paragraph. 



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