Wednesday, April 14, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

Bon mercredi, les amis!

Your end of unit/quarter assessments are scheduled for Monday & Tuesday next week. To further prepare for the interpretive portion of your assessment, please do the following this morning

1.Watch Un pique-nique parisien & answer the questions (to be discussed in class)

  • What famous monument is shown?
  • What is Alice bringing to the picnic?
  • What are the challenges Alice faces as she crosses the park?
  • What does she forget?

2. Watch Les donuts français & answer the questions 

  • When are the donuts made?
  • How are they cooked?
  • Who does Alice buy them for?
  • Why does she have to wait?
  • What challenge does she face while waiting?
  • Finish her sentence:  “J’aurais dû tous _____  ________” (I should have….)

3. Watch this video & do Le Restaurant exercises on p 57-58 of your unit

4. Review your answers & make corrections to your classwork from this week using the following document. Make note of challenges you had & bring your questions to your next class.

Revision on p 28, 29, 30, 38, 42-43

FINALLY …. don’t forget your “50 more essential verb” check in on Thurs/Fri this week!

French 11

French 11 Team

For those who were absent from class today, please watch this short film by Frédéric Back that shows some important historical and cultural details about Québec. We will continue the discussion in class tomorrow after watching one last short piece.


After watching the following two video clips, please write your answers to these 4 questions

  1. Qui sont les Acadiens?
  2. Est-ce qu’Acadie existe toujours? Explique.
  3. Écris 5 faits (facts) importants dans l’histoire des Acadiens que tu as appris dans les deux vidéos. (Include the quote, in French, from the videos and write your understanding in English below it.)
  4. What did you notice about the Acadian French that you heard in the videos?







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