Friday, April 16, 2021

French 10

French 10 Team

Students M-Z

Here is the Alice in Paris episode for class today


  • Your final French 10 course assessments are scheduled for Monday/Tuesday next week (Check the Qs for Madame channel discussion between Eileen & me from today for more details)
  • Your assessments will focus on our final unit topic, language structures and vocabulary & will include short tasks in all areas of communication
    • interpretive (listening/reading)
    • speaking (with partners – as we have been doing throughout the unit) 
    • a written paragraph

To prepare for your writing task, look at the following 2 restaurants in Québec City. 

  • Le lapin sauté (the site is down, but you have one of their menus on p 62 of your unit & there are lots of photos, info and reviews online if you google it)
  • Le cochon dingue

The Cochon Dingue website also provides an English language option so that you can check your understanding of what is on the menu. 

I will provide the writing prompt on Monday/Tuesday, but you can prepare by

  • thinking about which restaurant you would want to eat at
  • how you would describe the decor/atmosphere of the restaurant
  • what you would eat & why
  • considering your general food preferences, how you typically eat at home, etc

***You can write some notes for yourself in English so that some of your ideas are already organized (and you don’t have to memorize the menu options from the restaurants)

***You will not have access to your unit packages. Review vocabulary and structures that we have been working on so that you can show what you have learned throughout the quarter. 

French 11

French 11 Team

To be prepared for class on Monday & final tasks next week, please make sure you have

  • completed the paragraph on p 12 using the word cloud 
  • practised the target structures in conversation with partners on p  14 
  • read Chapitre 4
  • completed the chapter work on p 15 – 18
  • read & understood the journal extract on p 19 
  • written your responses to the pre-discussion questions on p15
  • read Chapitre 5
  • completed the chapter questions on p 21

***We will discuss chiac (p 13) together next week. Please skip for now.

*** Learning check in on Chapitre 1-5 next week.







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