Monday, February 11th, 2019

French 10

  • Watch this short video on how to form the past tense of some regular verbs. Damon & Jo are much more entertaining than Madame!
  • What are the rules for the past tense structure? Make notes to share in class tomorrow!
  • Practise the past tense sentence chunks and questions on the back of your unit package to talk about where you went & what you did
  • Finish reading and answering the questions on pages 18 & 19 of your unit package


French 11

  • You can re-watch/listen to the Coca-Cola ad that we watched in class today

  • Review vocabulary we brainstormed in class for describing foods we like/don’t like
  • Watch this video lesson reviewing how to talk about foods that we eat


French 12

  • You can re-watch/listen to the video clip we watched in class today here

  • Watch this short video for French in the workplace for language learners
  • Practise the vocabulary for les métiers on pages 11-15 of your unit package