Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Bonjour tout le monde! You have 5 days away from class! Please set aside some time to review and practise the vocabulary and structures we have been working on in class 🙂


French 10

  • Review the structures learned in class today
  • Study and complete the practice exercises on pages 14-17 of your unit package
  • Read Le petit déjeuner on pages 20-21. Circle & determine meaning of new words to prepare for reading together in class on Tuesday.


French 11

  • Continue to study your food vocabulary (foods, describing words, actions to discuss food prep)
  • Continue to record data on a daily basis related to your inquiry question
  • Complete the Alice in Paris handout  Alice in Paris – Submergee-au-marche-1a3lm2g
  • If you were absent, or as extra exposure to the accent and pace, watch the clip
  • In your unit package, read the article about the Instagram model on page 11. You can look her up on line and see the photos that are discussed in the article. Record your thoughts about the article and make a list of new vocab or phrases.


French 12

BV2 chap 14-xi4u38

The above link is to the textbook chapter where some of our practice exercises come from. If you find the text too small in your unit package, scroll to page 444 and work from there.