Friday, April 12th, 2019

French 10

  • Re-read the info graphic from class today here

Travail domestique : le second job

  • Finish Part C on page 2 (Write a paragraph telling what you do around the house)
  • If you have been away and still don’t have the unit package, you can find a copy in French 10 Resources at the top of the page
  • Bon weekend 🙂


French 11

  • Finish reading Le joueur de basketball to the end of page 30 & complete the relevant questions
  • Review & practise the new vocabulary. What are the new “actions” in the story? Can you use those actions in a personal context? What are the new “things” that you know how to say? Can you use those things in a personal context?

French 12

  • Re-watch the 1jour1actu video about climate change. Listen for more detail & word recognition.


  • Read the info graphic on page 7 of your unit package. Complete parts A & B on page 1 of your unit.
  • Review new vocab over the weekend to develop your comfort in discussing the topic in class on Monday.
  • Bon weekend 🙂




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