Thursday, April 18th, 2019

French 10

  • Make sure that you have finished all of the work related to the Pic et Pik comic on pages 10 – 11
  • Complete part D on page 11 for Tuesday
  • Study the vocabulary for the unit as you will complete the unit evaluations next week


French 11

  • Finish your “Sketch & Talk” drawings. The 6 squares should show quick (Pictionary-style) images that will help you to tell a story about your childhood. Think about the stories of Roch Carrier and try to come up with a story that has some significance to you now as you look back to a younger version of yourself.
  • Do not write down the story. You may write a maximum of 5 words on the back of your sheet. These should only be new, specific vocabulary that you had to look up to tell your story. Think about how you will explain the new words to conversation partners.
  • Be prepared to participate in partner conversations on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

French 12


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