Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

French 10

  • Review the new vocabulary for la maison idéale
  • Watch the story told by Alice Ayel called La chambre  and be ready to discuss/retell the story tomorrow


French 11

  • Finish your passé composé learning/practice work up
  • Complete the exercise #1 for the pronoun practice
  • Spend time studying/memorizing the patterns 🙂


French 12

Here is the reading handout for today’s class:   Deforestation1-vwiglf   Deforestation2-1cdlzvq

  • Finish writing your message to a classmate on pages 14-15
  • Complete exercise #1 of the article (new vocabulary)
  • Start thinking about your personal final project idea…something of particular interest and how it relates to or impacts the environment

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