Monday, September 28, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team


All students A-Z:

  • On page 42-43 of your unit package, practise saying the provinces and capitals of Canada in French
  • Notice that provinces have a gender! It is important to know if a province is masculine or feminine because we use different words when we talk about going to or leaving from places depending on their gender.
  • Follow along with the audio here & repeat after me
  • Then, turn to page 44 and, using the internet if necessary, label the map of Canada in French with the provinces, territories and capital cities. There are multiple cities indicated on the province of BC. You only need to include the capital & Vancouver.



French 11

Français 11 Team

To continue to prepare for the assessment at the end of the unit:

  • Choose a text (or texts) we read today and re-read
  • Review the new vocabulary & try using some words in sentences
  • Complete Chapitre 2 reading & exercises worked on in class p30-36
  • Write the journal entry on p37. You will share this with a partner tomorrow.
    • Refer to new vocabulary and the word/phrase bank on p 38-39 of your last unit to make your writing more detailed & interesting
    • Pay careful attention to tense – l’imparfait ou le passé composé???



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