Friday, October 16th, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bon weekend les neuvièmes!

  1. Practise the new verbs you practised in class today p33
    • There will be a learning check in on Monday to see if you understand these words when you see them on paper

     2. Practise the sentences about the daily routine on p 40-41

    • Write 5 ‘Est-ce que…’ questions using actions from the daily routine to ask a partner on Monday

French 11

Français 11 Team


  1. Complete the practice work on p57 (futur + si…)
  2. Review the expressions on p58 that are always followed by le subjonctif
    • Make notes in English if there are any expressions that you do not understand
    • Study the endings & how to form the subjunctive – including irregulars on p59!
    • The irregulars are very commonly used in daily speech! Memorize them 🙂

    3.  At the bottom of the page, write 10 sentences using the language chunks from p58.

    • Make sure to use the correct subjunctive in the second part of the sentence.
    • Remember that the language chunks that start with ‘il’ are impersonal. You don’t change the ‘il’ to any other subject. For example:  You cannot say Elle faut que… or Je faut que ….  that doesn’t make any sense!

  4.    Go to the Questions Pour Madame channel and reply to the conversation

     5.   All students will orally present country infographics and ask/answer questions next class  

    • A-L  on Monday
    • M-Z on Tuesday