Friday, October 30, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

To be prepared for Monday:

  • review the ‘rules’ about placement & agreement of describing words  p.32-33
  • Review the new vocabulary for describing yourself & family members (physical and personality) 
  • Review ‘se sentir’ and the words we can use to talk about feelings  p39
  • Ensure you have completed class work p42-45
  • Complete the interpretive work on Pets on p46-49
  • Complete Language Gym assignments 

Next Week:

  • learning check in for IR and RE verbs on Wednesday
  • Napoléon interpretive assessment on Friday



French 11

Français 11 Team

All Students, complete the following before your next class on Monday or Tuesday:

  • Read & review p 2-3 of your new unit package
  • Read chapters 1 & 2 of Au revoir l’Acadie
  • Complete the quick ‘Who is it?’  p 4 of unit package
  • Review discussion questions on p 5 & be prepared to talk on Monday

Students M-Z:

To make up for the missed discussion in class today, please do the following by Tuesday:

  • Watch the film by Frédéric Back, Crac!
  • Watch the film, La Chasse-Galérie
  • Do research, if necessary, to learn about the significance of the stories
  • Write a one page essay, in English, to show your understanding of the cultural and historical context of Le chandail de hockey, Crac! and La Chasse-Galérie

***If you were away today, please come and see me to receive your last unit package & novel so that you are prepared for class next week

***There will be quick learning check ins (oral, interpretive and written assessments) throughout the next two weeks. You can be prepared by staying focused, and completing the reading & novel work assigned each day