Thursday, September 19th, 2019

French 9

  • Continue to review vocabulary and concepts studied so far
  • Prepare for your interpretive learning check in on Monday
    • key time words on p 13


French 10

  • Over the weekend, review the vocabulary and structures we have worked with so far in the unit – words to talk about your daily routines and activities & words to extend your answers, give details & explain why
  • If you were away, make sure you have completed the practice work from class today
    • Read the dialogue on p 11 & answer the ques
    • Follow instructions on p 13 & practise using the structures/answering in full sentences on p 12 (See p4 for verb ending pattern)
    • Complete p 14 oral practice
  • Sorry! The board notes file didn’t upload! You’ll have to look up or get vocab notes from a friend in class 🙁





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