Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

In class today, we worked on

  • saying how the weekend was
  • using past tense weather phrases to describe the weather on the weekend  p.18-19  & answering ‘est-ce que’ questions about the weekend weather
  • asking and telling the date for today, yesterday and tomorrow
  • counting to 30 by 1s and to 100 by 10s
  • asking & answering partner questions using ‘er’ verbs, aller and avoir
  • looking at other ways to make negative statements in French (instead of just ne…pas)  p27
  • learning new key words to situate us in time  p. 13

For homework, students M-Z

  • Review concepts and vocabulary from today’s class.
  • Here is the audio for key words we looked at
  • Write 5 questions using 2 verbs 
    • Begin with “Est-ce que tu veux….” “Est-ce que tu vas…” “Est-ce que tu aimes….”
    • Remember that the first verb follows the pattern & the second is in its name form (infinitive)
    • Write a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer for each of your questions. Be careful with the placement of ‘ne..pas’ when there are two verbs 🙂 ***When there are 2 verbs, the ‘ne…pas’ goes around the action that follows the pattern. For example:  Je ne veux pas manger de la pizza.

For students A-L

  • Continue to study your new vocabulary & the structure of the verbs we’ve been using in class



French 11

Français 11 Team

  • Pay attention to the new vocabulary you were exposed to while reading today
    • Create 10 questions about the texts to ask your partner in class tomorrow
    • Check your spelling & your verb endings 
    • Consider spending some time on the Language Gym to work on your skills 🙂

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