Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

French 10

  • Evaluations begin next week. Continue to practise the vocabulary and structures we have learned in this unit so that you can talk about your week day routine, write about how you spend your time and understand what you read and hear on this topic.


French 11

  • Review the structures on pages 9 & 10 of your unit package. What is the difference in word endings when talking about a possibility or a future action?
  • Listen to the song Un monde meilleur by Keen ‘ V
  • Write the 12 missing words from the song lyrics & indicate whether the action is something that will happen or something that is only a possibility.
  • If you were absent from class today, the song with blanks is here:  Keen’ V – Fill in the blanks-1y034rg
  • What do you understand about the message in this song?


French 12

  • If you need another short explanation of the subjunctive mood and why/how we use it, you can watch this 5 minute video. OOPS! APOLOGIES…the link wasn’t working but is now fixed  🙂
  • Prepare yourself for the learning check-in tomorrow by reviewing the irregular stems, the way we form it with regular verbs and WHEN we use it vs when we don’t 🙂
  • The check-in will also use some of the vocabulary we have been using to talk about careers and post-secondary plans.
  • You will only be using the subjunctive to effectively communicate or understand a message related to our current theme. Communication does not involve filling in a chart.






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