Tuesday, April 12, 2022

FR 10  Bloc 3

Français 10 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

  • completed the BC Ministry of Ed learning survey
  • did their 50 essential verbs learning check in
  • worked on p 40-41 of their unit package to “talk about the weekend” using multiple timeframes & key words for each

To be ready for class this week

  • make sure your class work is complete

***End of unit writing & interpretive assessments – Wednesday & Thursday, April 13th-14th


FR 11  Bloc 4

Français 11 Team

The Language Gym

For class today, students

  • read the Catalan legend, Le monstre du lac Banyoles, on p 49-50
  • had time to work on their castle research in preparation for speaking assessments tomorrow

To be ready for class this week

***End of Unit Interpretive reading – Thursday

***Castle research will be shared on Wednesday/Thursday

  • take notes in English, but be prepared to discuss in French
  • save screenshots to your phone to make your conversation with partners more interesting
  • make a point of using unit vocab & structures ***esp. past tense
  • important objectives of Fr 11 are
    • to be able to use more than one sentence to explain and describe 
    • staying in French throughout the entire conversation & working through challenges with communication together
    • to be able to connect sentences
    • to personalize communication & use a wider variety of expressions & vocabulary


FR 12  Bloc 5

Français 12 Team

The Language Gym

For class tomorrow

  • Try to finish reading up to the end of the second page of the story & complete the questions for Part B Compréhension








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