Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

French 10

  • Here is the song, Quatre murs et un toit, that we listened to in class today
  • For homework, watch & listen to Alice tell the story of a well-known French fable written by Jean de la Fontaine called Le rat de ville et le rat des champs
  • Notice the describing words used to talk about the houses. What are they? What other words do you know? Can you retell the story?
  • Study the new vocabulary from the first 7 pages of your package


French 11

  • Tomorrow will be a writing day in class. To prepare, make a list of verbs/actions needed to tell a childhood story. Do you know the passé composé & imparfait patterns? You can have the list you create + the handouts with connecting words while you write.


French 12

  • Here is the last video for the environment unit! Watch & fill in the details on pages 16-17
  • Tomorrow will be an independent work day for your project. Bring a device if you have research to do or if you want to start your info graphic