Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

French 9

  • Practise saying and/or writing
    • places, people and subjects in school p 24-26
    • school supplies p23
  • Tomorrow we will work on asking and answering questions with the new vocabulary

French 11

    • Everyone:  It is imperative that you read the article tonight on children’s lives in the Middle Ages (p. 16 in the unit booklet).  Take your time to read the article for comprehension.  You won’t be given time in class to do this.  Be prepared to discuss with a partner whether you think girls lives were more/less/equally difficult compared to boys’ lives in the Middle Ages.   If you need help with some of the vocabulary, refer to the attached document:  Vie quotidienne article-Word list.
    • Block 3:  Please finish the activities in the unit booklet that we started in class (p. 21-22 Act. 1 #1-7, Act. 2 and Act. 4).
    • Block 4:  Please finish reading about comparisons on p. 18-19 of the unit booklet then do the following activities: (p. 21-22 Act. 1 #1-7, Act. 2 and Act. 4).  

French 12

Entrance Slip for tomorrow’s class:  Please write 3 sentences using the conditional tense.  You’ll hand them to Mme Thiele as you come into class tomorrow.  You can start with the following phrases OR make up your own!:

Si j’étais…je…

Si j’avais…je…

Si je pouvais…je…

Example:  Si j’étais professeur de français, je donnerais des bonbons à mes

élèves tous les jours.


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