Friday, November 6, 2020

French 9

Français 9 Team

Bonne fin de semaine, les amis! À lundi 🙂

  • Prepare for your interpretive listening assessment on Monday by reviewing the Napoléon stories #5-8.
    • Scroll back through the blog to listen to each story & review the vocabulary & structures
  • Be sure that your classwork for Food likes/dislikes is complete up to/including p 71
  • Log in to the Language Gym to access 4 activities. Check the completion dates. Some will close on Monday.
    • Practise some of the common irregular verbs (aller, faire, avoir) with different subjects (je, tu, il/elle, etc)
    • Using adjectives for describing appearance of family members
    • Describing hair using ‘avoir’
    • Saying what pets one has & what they look like


French 11

Français 11 Team

Bonne fin de semaine à tous! À la semaine prochaine 🙂

All students

Before your next class (Monday or Tuesday):

  • Make sure you complete your Chapter 5 questions
  • Read about Évangéline on p 24 
  • Listen to the song, Évangéline, here:
  • Complete the song lyrics on p 25
  • Read Chapters 6 & 7 and complete the chapter questions before your next class
  • Be prepared to discuss the chapters you have read along with historical notes 


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